About The Minstrel


Songwriter, Guitars, Bass, Bagpipes, Keyboard, Vocals.


Music Production, Mixing, Mastering


Drawing, digital art, colouring.

Merrick Fenton

   My full name is Sean Merrick DesRoches-Fenton. I was born April 16th, 1992, and I live in the small lakeland town of Elk Point, Alberta, Canada. I was born in Calgary, Alberta, and have lived in Edson, and Regina, Saskatchewan. I currently work as a journeyman auto body technician in the next town over.

   My interest in music was made very clear at a young age. After my parents caught me holding a tune with a toy harmonica, they bought an electric piano and enrolled me and my siblings into private piano lessons. It was only a couple months until we got pulled out of them, and my siblings drew away from the piano. I decided to keep going on my own and taught myself basic piano.

   My grandmother had caught wind of my developing capabilities with music, and offered to enroll me in a bagpipe band. After looking at my options, I decided to play the bagpipes themselves. I spent a good amount of time after school practicing those pipes, worked my way to playing competitions, and even flew to Scotland for the World Bagpipe Championships at the age of 12!

   While that was happening, I was also participating with the school band. I played Euphonium for the few schools I went to, and got offered to participate in a special band where the best in the city joined together to play some harder music.

   I was 13 when I got my first electric guitar: an Ibanez Gio. With it, I got a tab book for Meteora by Linkin Park. After a few lessons from the local guitar wiz, I discovered Metallica and Megadeth, and metal has been flowing though my blood since. I started writing music at the same time I started learning to record. The interweaving of knowledge developed into my writing and recording style.

   Music to me is like life, it is a story that I will never stop experiencing. There is never a better time than the present to share my stories with the world!