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I have here a map, but what is it for?

If it fills you wit wonder, I hope you'll explore!

A map is oft placed at the start of a book,

To engage with the theatre of mind as you look,

And perceive of a series so epic, a hook.

These chrnicles begin in 1304,

Witness here two countries, they're locked in cold war.

The tension that's building, it grows ever more,

Though turmoil in each land is being ignored.

To the east, there is boder, a kingdom in famine,

A huge hoard of gold with no positive action.

A tyrant who silences dissenting factions,

Itching for reasons to strike with a passion,

For only the army can get to the rations...

To the west is Galvania, riddled with plague,

Posies in pockets, and streets in decay.

A new leader, taking the torch of dismay,

The populous doubting the motions he makes.

Flagellants rampant, whipping to pray,

Hoping that their God will come out to save...

And it does...